Never Ending Story?!

As I thought that my IBM problem would be like a never ending story I met a guy on IRCNet ( who offered to help me. So I bought a new harddisk and brought the damaged one to his place.

It is more likely that some sectors are damaged and it is possible to recover my data by simply creating an image (easy uh?!). anyways, I would like to mention attingo because this company seems to be very friendly.

As soon as I get my harddisks back, I will post another update …

the “m$ exchange” project

The cards told me that on this weekend I will bring something to an (good?) end and get some money and it proved to be true (according to greenwich mean time). And my wisdom increased too…

Since I completed my m$ exchange setup project today at 01:00 CET, I can say that m$ plainly sux. I don’t know why people use it!

Anyways, if you need help, you are always welcome to ask :p


As I have known Nightwish for 2 years and have been a fan by heart since 1 year, I can only say that their new album Century Child is one of the best every created.

Of course, some songs are better then others, but allover excelent. Go and get the music and buy the cd when it will (finally) be available in .at!