Deathstars, Flyleaf, KoRn

On the 20th of February, I visited the KoRn concert with Kathy. It was her Christmas present for me. Even thou I got my nose cracked it was a great evening.

We arrived a little late because we wanted to enjoy a beer before entering the venue 😉 and saw Deathstars from the middle of their performance. Thou they look a little strange – and Marilyn Manson seems to be one of their main idols – they performed good. The second warm-up-band was Flyleaf. A young band from Texas with a female singer – needless to say that I adore female singers 😉 Anyways, they sound really good and sometimes remember one of Alanis Morisette or Evanescence, but that’s only a fragrance in their music. I’ll definitely want to hear more!

The main act – KoRn – was nice. Even thou I missed the KoRn-Bass a little, they made a nice performance of old, medium and new songs. Their performance was quite decent – and Kathi did the rest 😉

PS: As my nose looked a little tilted after the concert, i went to hospital yesterday night and again today, to get it fixed. The doctors told me that my nose wasn’t broken but cracked and as there was not appointment left for a small operation, they fixed it Saturday on the spot. No problem for a big guy like me 😉

Überwachungsstaat – wie der Frosch im heißen Wasser


Glaubt man jedoch Der Zeit, so stimmt dies doch nicht so ohne weiters:

Für Organisationen und Völker mag also gelten, dass sie eine kontinuierliche Verschlechterung ihrer Situation hinnehmen, ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken – bei Tieren lassen sich die Sensoren nicht so leicht täuschen. Christoph Drösser