Visiting Damla and Oliver in Switzerland (1)

Nearly one year ago, Damla and Oliver moved to Zurich. After cutting a deal visiting them after Damla has completed her Ph.d., i finally had no choice 😉

After a tough night working until 5.00 am, I missed my 07.14 am train by 10 minutes. Believe it or not, this is the first time I actually missed an important train and I’ve never missed a flight *g*! Well, I had to learn it the hard way one day, hadn’t I 😉

Nine hours later, Damla and Oliver picked me up from Zurich Main Station and took me to Egg where they are living. After an excessive dinner and hours of chatting, we all went to bed.

On the next day, Damla had to leave for a business trip to Bologna. So Oliver and me took the chance to visit the historic old town of Swiss capital Bern.

Bern is a beautiful city and so we roamed around for some hours, enjoying the Münster, the old town,the Bärengraben and much more. As always, drinks and some snacks were given their proper space 😉

Around 18.30, we left for another beautiful destination: Lucerne where we basically did the same 😉

On Monday, Oliver had to work but managed to take the morning off to take me to the Rhine Falls, where the Rhine falls down for 23m – a spectacular sight!

Oliver then dropped me off in Zurich and headed of for work and I got to enjoy my first couple of hours in another beautiful Swiss town.

My personal summary until now:
Switzerland is very beautiful – and very, very expensive 😮
On the one hand, they like cars (and thus drive very expensive ones) – but on the other, they ban them from the streets.
Luckily, they provide bikes for a free ride.

This is my first vacation since last summer (I think) … and I’m trying to enjoy myself as much as possible 🙂

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