Enjoying India

As Manu was going to pick us up by 09:00, we were able to sleep a little longer. Then the normal routine started: Getting up, using the bathroom, having breakfast and leaving. Today, we once again headed for an appointment with Dr. Mahajan and i had to undergo some further tests. These took around 1 hour to complete. I then was told that eye surgery is possible and what things I should consider when opting for it. But I am neither confident enough in myself nor do I have that much time (to spend 15 days in India without wearing contact lenses), so I never really considered to get eye surgery this time.

We then headed for Science City and spend some good time there. Thou it is not up to western standards like IMAX or Disney Land, it still was a lot of fun to go there with the “Useless-Gang” 🙂

After Science City we paid Sonu’s factory a visit. He runs Vomb Enterprises together with his cousin brother and partner Vikas Bhatia. They are specialized in hand tools. We then visited Vikas’ parents and their joint house nearby and then left for the Railway Coach Factory in Kapurthala. There we saw a very beautiful city for the employees and their families and met Mr. XXX who showed us around.

Thou we had to wait around 2 hours to enter the coach factory, it was definitely worth. We saw all the manufacturing process from the raw material (steel) until the coach went for painting and fitting the interior equipment. We even got to see a Indian-German Joint-Venture on a Train which should be used in India to advertise German companies and products.

After we left the factory, we went back to Jalandhar, had a late dinner and went to sleep. On the way back, mum went with Mr. ? and I went with Manu and Ankur. So everyone had someone in their own age to enjoy the trip back.

… (missing end)

Rashi’s Wedding

On the next day, i got up a little late and heard, that Rashi and the others have been up since 06:30. Pfu… 🙂 Anyways, i exactly woke at breakfast time and got some papaya together with some indian food. i then chatted with some relatives and left to visit “Panjore Garden”, a beautiful park with fountains and big mango trees. Unfortunately, only one fountain was working as the garden is only fully shown at nights.

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